#Generasi Gigih Soft Skill : Adapting to Changes & Plans to Solve Them

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Being a #GenerasiGigih participant, we've met lots of new people from different backgrounds. Many come from an IT background like me, but also other backgrounds. Not to mention that we have participants from 32 different provinces in Indonesia. It means that there's a lot of difference between every single participant. But in #GenerasiGigih, we're taught to collaborate and be active with each other. Collaborating with others has always been the best method to achieve our goals, in business, education, and others.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people

-Steve Jobs

Adapting to a new environment and different people is always a struggle for me, collaborating with them is even harder. Sometimes I feel shy to interact with others in my team. I'm not a person who likes to stand out from others and likes to keep it low-key. So I rarely show up when there's a team discussion and whatnot. But, we must strive to be better and better, right? Adapting to changes depends on our commitment to overcome it.

So, as a #SiGigih, I've compiled some strategies to overcome my struggle and be more collaborative with others 💪

The Plans

Here are my plans :

  • Trying to help and share with others

    Being a software engineering student, I felt that I have some advantages in a way, like, ok I've learned this before. So, I think I can contribute more if I share my knowledge with others. Sharing is caring, right? Doing good things will lead you to more good things. So I want to try to be more proactive with each other and be more helpful to others.

  • Believe that collaboration means achieving more

    I've always been trying to do everything by myself. Doing everything on my own isn't a bad thing to do, but collaboration can lead to a better result. After all, human is a social creatures, we've always been collaborating and working together to achieve lots of great things as humans. So, I need to believe and start implementing it.

There's no such thing as a self-made man. We are made up of thousands others.

-George Matthew Adams

  • Believe in myself and be brave

    Sometimes I don't feel confident in myself, I always think that I cannot do this & that. But, as the saying goes, you never know until you try. Sometimes I do feel that I have to take that next step forward, so I have to be brave to take it. I believe I can achieve more if I'm willing to try.

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