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Hi everyone! I'm Irfan Nurghiffari Muhajir, you can call me Irfan. I grew up in Tangerang, which is one of the satellite cities of Jakarta. Currently I'm a Software Engineering graduate from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. I started my study in 2019 and graduated in 2023. But, i was an Industrial Engineering student in 2018 before i decided to move.

I focus much of my time in college to learn about software engineering & frontend web development using React & NextJS. I also regularly use cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure & GCP and have experience in using Kubernetes & Red Hat Openshift. I love exploring stuff about technology.

I'm part of Red Hat's team as a Class Assistant & Help desk in Digital Talent Scholarship held by Kementrian Kominfo for 3 years. I'm also part of Ramaniya as a freelance Information Technology Staff in 2021. I'm one of the alumni of Generasi Gigih held by Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa & GoTo Group at Frontend Engineering Track.

Lately I have been doing internships to further enhance my knowledge about having a career in the professional tech industry. My first internship is with Sagara Technology, which is a software development house based in Jakarta & Bandung. After that, I'm taking part as one of the interns at PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk in Digital Talent Program held by the company in collaboration with Ministry of Education's Kampus Merdeka program. Which leads me to learn more about IT & tech in the banking industry, which is one of my interest outside of tech. At the start of 2023, after quite a long recruitment process, I finally get an offer from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, or more widely known as BCA, to join #ITBCA's Modernization team as Application Developer intern.



Frontend Engineer

PT SayaKaya Lahir Batin, Full Time

Oct 2023 - Present

Responsible for :

  • Handling development of SayaKaya company website
  • Handling performance improvement of sayakaya.id using test from Lighthouse
  • Managing & developing SayaKaya Sales Dashboard

Application Developer Intern

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, Internship

Feb - Aug 2023

Responsible for :

  • Managing & developing in-house Angular based UI component library
  • Migrating existing micro-frontend from Angular Material components to in-house UI component library
  • Developing an internal website using Angular
  • Integrating backend services to micro-frontend
  • Fixing issues related to frontend after UAT testing


Application Developer Intern

PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, Internship

Aug - Dec 2022

Responsible for :

  • Building a web portal for request ticket management based on React JS for internal company use
  • Developing a dashboard using Grafana
  • Participate in meeting and progress presentation with team member

Frontend Engineer Specialist

Sagara Technology, Internship

Jun - Sep 2022

Responsible for :

  • Building a web application frontend together with Sagara team
  • Collaborating with other team member
  • Participate in weekly meeting and monthly progress presentation


Information Technology Staff

Ramaniya, Freelance

Sep - Dec 2021

Responsible for :

  • Managing and maintaining in-house IT infrastructure
  • Managing and maintaining company website
  • Helping non IT staff in IT related problems


Red Hat Help Desk & Class Assistant

Digital Talent Scholarship, Freelance (Project)

2020 - 2023

Responsible for :

  • Helping in managing Red Hat training LMS
  • Preparing & managing live sessions at every weekdays
  • Collaborating with instructor & replying training participant questions
  • Communicating & reporting to Digital Talent Scholarship team


You can see and download my latest resume here (last updated: Apr 28, 2024)


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